Hi, my name's Emma and I'm a 31 year old mum of two who lives in Sheffield. My alopecia journey started at the age of 12 when my parents separated suddenly resulting in my mother moving 250 miles away with my six year old twin brothers.

I stayed behind with my dad and didn't see my Mother and Brothers for six months. 

My hair began to fall out very soon after she left and within just a few short weeks my hair was almost completely gone. I went on to lose my eyebrows, eyelashes and the rest of my body hair in the next six months.

The experience of alopecia hit me hard emotionally and it took me a very long time to come to terms with my condition. I went through depression and an eating disorder which I've now managed to cope with although it still affects me on a daily basis.

I still have AU to this day with the exception of one random hair on my head that I've grown to the grand old length of 5 inches! I'm actually starting to think that this is my very first grey hair which is ironic after spending almost 20 years totally bald ...

I've taken my experience of alopecia and wigs and I now run my own business helping other women with alopecia across the UK and worldwide.

"I've taken my experience of alopecia and
now run my own business helping others"

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