Our Headline Sponsor: Follea

Follea designs, creates and markets the world's best hair collections, using the finest European hair and best processes available, in their own artisanal manufacturing facility.

Follea offers a broad range of next generation lightweight wigs, Topette Crown Extensions and specialist hairpieces. For women and children with little or no bio-hair of their own, Follea is famous for its Gripper collection, developed by Alopecians for Alopecians.

"When Victoria invited us to participate in this very novel calendar project we didn't hesitate. It took 11 brave Alopecian women to do this. Follea does not endorse this approach or content of this calendar; it is not a Follea calendar. We merely support their right to do it, and recognise the emotional challenges and roller-coaster struggle of all the boys, girls and women who live with Alopecia every day.

Alopecia affects over five million people in the United States and over one million in the UK. The resulting, unpredictable loss of hair in patches on the scalp can lead to total hair loss (including sometimes eyebrows, lashes, and the whole body). We, at Follea, are honoured to be a part of the effort to raise awareness of Alopecia and to help raise funds for research for the cure. Creating wigs and hairpieces that gives back to a woman her best hair day, every day, is our raison d'etre.

We believe that an Alopecian Woman should be able to freely choose whether to wear hair or not, without peer pressure. But, if she chooses hair, she should be able to look in the mirror and be amazed".

Michael Leigh and Bobby Mandel for Follea UK


For more information on Follea, or to find your nearest Follea authorised salon, please contact Hair@Follea.co.uk 

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