I am a 52 year old lady who works and have been working as a mental health nurse since I was 18.

 I first had a couple of bald patches noticed by my mum when I was aged 12. Incredibly when I was taken to the doctor, he told me it was because I was naughty and told me that I caused my mum too much stress...nice!

At the age of 16, I found a few patches joining together at the top of my head and was referred to the skin clinic who told me I had alopecia aerata (patchy baldness). I was treated with steroid injections to my scalp and my hair grew back, I must admit I didn't think too much about it at that time.

Aged 32 my hair fell out again and it got progressively worse and over the following 10 years, losing not only my hair but my self confidence and self esteem, I began to hate myself and found it hard to look at myself in the mirror. As a result I changed into a stressy wife and mother and subsequently my marriage broke down and we divorced when I was 43. I made the decision to wear wigs (and spent a fortune on them and had some real failures) and only a select few people knew this during that time.

Strangely after my divorce in 2005 my confidence started to grow, slowly talking and being open about my hair loss to my colleagues and friends. I had a brief spell of re-growth at this time but not for long. At this time I met the most wonderful caring and loving man who accepted me as I was and we married in 2012. However, for me and my alopecia I took a huge step forward when I attended a flash mob in Liverpool organised by AUK and came right out of my wig closet exposing my beautiful bald head and travelled home in my natural state (supported by my husband), I decided then and there that I am me and would no longer feel I need to cover my head but choose to go bald, wear a scarf or a wig when I want .....this was a huge step forward as I would even hide myself in my own home, ducking down from the window in case I was seen. True liberation!!!

I can honestly say that I am happier with myself and my life and have a lot more true confidence than I have ever had. Vive la difference!

"I can honestly say that I am happier with myself and my life and have a lot more true confidence than I have ever had!"

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