I was 17 years old when my hair started falling out. At the start of April 2011, three weeks before my 18th birthday I started noticing bald patches on my scalp. Fast forward to August 2011 and my hair had completely fallen out.

I went to University with my first wig...I had been wearing it for a month so was still adjusting. Although I was confident at first, my confidence began to slip during the next two years and culminated into a little 'blip' as we called it. My confidence in myself and my looks were at rock bottom when I started doing a project with Alopecia UK which enabled me to build myself back up again.

This Calender Girls Pretty Bald project really enabled me to embrace who I am and my alopecia as part of that. Beauty comes in many forms and being bald...well, it's Pretty Beautiful too.  


"Beauty comes in many forms and being bald ... well, it's Pretty Beautiful too"

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